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Submitted by ashbury on 1 January 2024 - 2:00pm


Our junior teams train for one hour every week between 4.30pm and 8.30pm normally on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Day and times are set by the coach based on their availability.  Senior training is open to any senior player who wishes to attend and is not compulsory.  Sessions are usually around 7.00pm and we can provide details closer to the start of the season if there is interest.

Training Venue:  Croydon Park Bowling Greens (netball courts), Brighton Avenue, Croydon Park.


Players should make sure they come with plenty of water, wear appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing for training especially in the winter months.


Ashbury Netball Club has teams in a variety of ages/grades in juniors through to seniors as well as running a Mini Magpies (5-7 years) and Modified (8-9 years) Program.  All players are welcome and we encourage boys to join our Mini Magpies, Modified Program and Junior teams (up to 12 years of age as at 31 December 2024).

Teams play on Saturdays.  Junior game times are 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am or 11.30am for approximately one hour.  Senior game times are 12.30pm, 1.50pm and 3.10pm.  Games times for Mixed and Men's to be confirmed depending on entries.  Once game times are set, these remain the same throughout the season.

The Association will notify clubs of playing times two weeks prior to the commencement of the season.

Venue:  Cintra Park, Crane Street, Concord  as part of the Inner West Netball Association complex.  IWNA Cintra Park Courts Map


In the event of inclement weather, the following protocols are in place:


Coaches will make a decision for their own team and will notify parents and/or players via text.  If conditions are deemed dangerous by the Committee, training will be cancelled and posted to Facebook.


The Association is responsible for deciding if games will proceed.  A decision to call off morning games due to inclement weather is made at 7.30am on the day of play, although in some instances the grass courts may be closed the night before by Council, while the call for afternoon games is made at 12.00pm.  Once the Association has notified the club, we will post to Facebook and text coaches.

Please assume training and games are proceeding unless otherwise notified.


No jewellery is permitted to be worn during games.  Please note that taping of earrings is not permitted under Netball Australia rules.  Any player caught playing with jewellery will be asked to leave the court until such time as the item is removed.  Please do not take your child to have their ears pierced immediately before or during the season.


5.1.1  Players may not wear anything that could endanger themselves or other players, specifically:

(a) No adornment or jewellery may be worn other than a wedding ring which must be covered with tape, 

(b) A medical alert bracelet may be worn provided it is covered with tape

Any player caught playing with jewellery will be asked to leave the court until such time as the item is removed,

All umpires are reminded that they need to check all players prior to the start of the game to ensure that players are not wearing any jewellery.

ALL players and coaches need to be aware of this rule and that the only exceptions are a wedding ring and medi-alert bracelet.

Score Sheets

Scorer to record all details of any players playing up e.g. Full name printed legibly PLUS the team they are playing up from.  Sample score sheets are below.

8 Year Score Sheet

9 Year Score Sheet

Comp Score Sheet